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As far as animals/birds, I ran across several references to rats,
bats, phoenix and peacocks (the birds themselves but not their plumage
which is said to carry bad luck).

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I really like the tattos with style...

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I got a similar tatto on the neck, maybe i can send you some pictures let me know.


another wonderfully informative posts,
thanks for sharing all this info I am finding it very interesting

Ashish Sidapara

Wow, these tattoos did remind me of character called Skeletor, from the famous He Man and the Masters of the Universe series.


Un peu inquiétants tout de même ces tattoos...Je me demande toujours quelle image ont d'eux-même et de leur propres terreurs ceux qui cherchent à terrifier les autres....


yeah this post is aligned with the halloween event...


thanks for the info!


very interesting info. It seems that Grim Reaper, devil tattoos have some devil power in them which makes the person invincible, much like the wearing of amulets.


Une nouvelle manière pour la faucheuse de se faire de la publicité à peu de frais ;-)


A fascinating series of images and the comment which adds to their enjoyment. I like the way you included an establishing shot and then moved in for closer detail. Very nice series.


the "eyes" in some of these are very haunting

dennis villegas

These are very disturbing tattoos...I'm afraid of these tattoos


They favour images that make them look tough :D

Gérard Méry

Halloween sur les premiers tatouages ?

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Those tattoos are quite scary and intimidating.


Impressive documentation. I've learned a lot about skull and its symbolism in the form of tattoo through this post.



the 4th photo reminds me of a movie i watched last night (joyride 2) where a steelbar was used to strike a "victim" on the head in that manner. not a great movie, but oh well...

didn't realize the skull association with the popes and cardinals. hmmm. interesting.


Toujours aussi impressionnant !


avoir les os sur la peau c'est mieux que n'avoir que la peau sur les os ;)


that was plenty of skulls!


Looks almost like Celtic tales. The riper is called "l'ankou" where I grew up and there are a lot of death related stories in the mythology...


...and the show goes on and on...( can't help myself from thinking of the strange world we live in)


Those first interpretations of the grim reaper are very artsy. Good post for Halloween :-)

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